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Are Cheap Cameras Good for Pros?

When we see the cameras most professional photographers are holding during events and other shoots, we always see something really nice or expensive. This makes the beginners and aspiring photographers think whether cheap cameras are even good for pros.  You can look through tons of reviews you will find online, YouTube included, that will show […]

Photography Tips

Having a camera is not the only thing! Just some erratic presses on the button do not make sense. Photography tells a story and you, the person behind it, is the storyteller. You must learn how to shoot it. Know the point to focus, set your directions. Before doing all these, be sure what you […]

Common Videography Jobs

A videographer is a video artist who produces video content by recording live events and does everything necessary to make it visible on the screen. They, most of the times, make smaller productions like short films, live events, documentaries, weddings, parties, sports events, commercials, and corporate videos. A proficient videographer must possess sound communication skills […]

Social Media Video Tips

Social media video is one of the most popular forms of advertising and marketing products and services on the Internet. Thanks to social media, business owners now have the opportunity to reach their target market in a budget-friendly manner. Best of all, it only takes minutes to reach possibly thousands of even millions of people […]

Video Work for Pros

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to become a professional videographer? It is an awesome job. You get to become creative and you can also use awesome equipment, travel to different places across the country and the world. And if you manage to get video work for pros, you will certainly enjoy working with […]