Mobile Videography Tips to Remember

mobile videography

Today, you will be learning some details about mobile videography. Being a professional videographer lets you face some challenges along the way. While some are luckily born with natural talent, it is still better to enhance that talent to ensure that you’re coming up with a great final product. One of the best ways to do that is through researching, practicing, getting mentored, and practicing some more. 

Others would say that you need some really expensive video equipment to get you started. However, sometimes, the best tool you need for creating some really impressive videos is right in your pocket—your smartphone. Some companies performing video production also make large investments in equipment to give a high level of service.

Techniques in Mobile Videography

Especially when you are just starting out and on a tight budget, you don’t have to hold off creating great videos due to lack of equipment. Also, if you are one who doesn’t like carrying a lot of equipment or heavy cameras and multiple batteries with you, then you can take advantage of what your smartphone can offer. 

Check out these awesome videography tips we found:

Allow us to add some more tips. Below are some tips to remember when it comes to mobile videography. 

Play Around With Your Phone’s Camera

More often than not, smartphone cameras have plenty of settings to play around with so don’t just settle for the default one. Yes, you can do that and worry about editing later on. But if you want to make both shooting videos and editing them afterward enjoyable, then you might as well search for the perfect video settings to use on your phone right in the beginning. 

Consider Lighting and Timing

Many smartphone cameras would adjust to the current light setup but once you are already editing your videos, you will notice how difficult and sometimes how inaesthetic the footage would be when lighting looks different everywhere. So consider some extra lighting or simply some good timing when shooting videos. 

Always Shoot in Landscape Mode

Unless you’re shooting short videos for social media purposes that are meant to be in portrait mode, remember to place your phone in landscape mode when shooting videos. This is a way too common mistake that many unknowingly make since it’s an instinct for most of us to hold our phone in portrait mode. Landscape mode shooting enables you to cover more area for your footage and also makes it easier for you to edit later on. 

Don’t Forget to Edit

It actually depends on the purpose of your video but if you want really good looking ones and to impress others when you upload it or show it to them, then edit your videos afterward. While there’s some beauty in the raw video, it simply looks more professional when you edit your video.

Some Videography Jobs Are Best Done By Professionals

Now that you have learned some tips on mobile videography, you can surely expect better results. But there is video work for pros too. Just remember that some videography jobs such as wedding video shoots, marketing materials, and so are best done by professionals. Give your local videographer a call to get some help.