Photography Tips

photography tips

Having a camera is not the only thing! Just some erratic presses on the button do not make sense. Photography tells a story and you, the person behind it, is the storyteller. You must learn how to shoot it. Know the point to focus, set your directions. Before doing all these, be sure what you want to bring in the frame. 

Countless cameras, lenses, and other photographic accessories are crammed in market places. Pick one according to your ability and objective. Creative skills along with knowledge of camera settings will certainly enhance your chances. 

Photography can get pretty tricky especially if you’re a first timer. You will find plenty of tips going around from experts. Check out this YouTube video. 

The bite-sized tips aren’t hard to understand, citing some essential things for the beginners who are off to sail the way. Here we go.

Eradicate Camera Shake

To avoid blurring your photos, eliminate camera shake. First, learn how to exactly hold your camera in such a way that you are giving it the most stable base.

Simple Backgrounds Tells for Better Portraits

A portrait is to highlight the person, not the background. Yes, of course, a cool setting offers a cool reflection. So, avoid detailing your background for taking portraits.

Know and Use the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is, indeed, the most common and coolest way to improve image quality. You divide the frame into nine equal boxes and make shots following those.

Avoid Using Pop-Up Flash

Pop-up flash emits bright, harsh, intense, and unnatural light on the lens results in disaster sometimes. Do not try to use it. Search for a better venue to expose your frame. Increase the ISO, perhaps; help you out in such situations.

Control the Shutter Speed

To make creative photos, have mastery on shutter speed would be the best way. With this, you can easily command the movement of the subject.

Panning is Good-Try It

Sometimes panning the camera creates an interesting visual effect. It might seem a little complex, but it doesn’t.

Learn the Sunny 16 Rule

To get a good exposure, absorbing the Sunny 16 Rule helps you figure out what settings to use. It also helps when you move to manual mode from full auto shuttering.

Aside from photography, videography is also very popular nowadays. Here are some video editing tips for beginners you can check out!