Top Photography Tips for Beginners and Pros

photography tips

Capturing images in the camera is not at all difficult these days thanks to a state-of-art camera that comes with high definition pixels and features to edit and enhance the quality of the photograph. So here we are with top photography tips beneficial for beginners as well as pros.

  1. The Rule of Thirds: The rule of thirds is of utmost importance to follow if you want to click an image with a wow factor. To use the rule of thirds, imagine the picture the screen proportionately divided into nine squares. Some cameras come with the feature of the grid; you can also enable the feature if you have difficulty imagining the squares. The focal point of the image should be slightly off-center. This will add the wow factor to the picture. Try it.
  2. Shutter Speed: The shutter speed of the camera should match the lens’s focal length; otherwise, you will have a shaky or blurry image. Support the lens of a handy camera with one hand and the body with the other hand. Provide extra support to the camera with your body.
  3. Use Aperture: Most of the people capture an image using the auto mode of the camera that has preset settings for shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. The auto mode, however, is least helpful in getting the desired photos. So, it is vital to learn how to use aperture, the opening of the lens from which the light passes to enter the camera. Note: any adjustment to aperture setting would need further change to the ISO and shutter speed.  
  4. Polarizing Filter: Using the circular polarizing filter can allow you to add the ‘x’ factor in the photos. The filters can improve the colors of the sky and reduce reflections from the water.
  5. Simple Backgrounds: A simple approach is usually the best approach. Keep the backgrounds simple to remove any distraction from the focal point. It is particularly vital in a shot where the model is placed off-center.  

Are you also interested in video work for pros? Watch out for our future posts and we will be discussing more about photography and videography!