Video Editing Tips for Beginners

video editing tips

So you made your first film or video. Watching it, you may irk to get some of the shots removed or even added for the best results. In this article, we will try and make the editing process smooth and straightforward.

1. Use the Right Software: If you are someone new in video editing and doing it out of hobby or interest, you may want to use free software available online. There are several video editing software available on the internet. Read the user review, test, and try the one you like before actually editing the video. This will save you time and energy. Don’t try every software you come across. Save the energy for the editing work.

2. Use a Fast Computer: You will need a computer with good speed. It doesn’t matter which brand of computer or laptop you use until it is in good working condition. Investing in faster storage drive and increasing the computer’s memory (RAM) could help in smooth editing. Videos are generally massive files so that you will need space, storage, and memory for careful and easy editing.

3. Edit for a Story: Keep in mind the purpose of the story and edit the video accordingly. The video should match with the script. Use the storyboard and decide to edit accordingly.

4. Learn technical terms: Beginners may have to learn technical terms when using editing software. Words such as montage, screen board, skip, rewind, and more are used by most of the software.

5. Background Music: When editing the videos, remember to add background music. But, don’t use background music if the video already has audio. The background music would make it difficult to hear the person talking in the video.

Once you get started with video editing, you can do a lot of things such as adding text to the image, color correct the clips, and more. Very soon and with enough practice, you’ll be ready to accept video work for pros!